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We would like to introduce the companies that are part of the Village.

AGR Food Marketing is a marketing and advertise agency focused on developing the potential of the food sector and healthy eating. Its aim is to help the sectors and companies promoting what consumers value most: taste, health, proximity, etc.

More than ten years creating exciting content for companies and brands. As well as user experiences in both digital and face-to-face environments: branded content, communication strategies, web content and video marketing.

The methodology of coaching applied to the mark, that’s a Brand People. This company develops conversational processes to achieve that any brand becomes significant for its clients and potentials.

Founded in 2009, it is pioneer in the realization of studies on the use of social networks in Spain. In these six years it has accompanied hundreds of companies in the digitalization process through its services of consultancy, marketing, training and research.

Corpo Films is a production company specialized in the business and corporate sector with over ten years of audio-visual experience. Its mission: to take advantage of the communicative power of video to convert the client’s message in corporate earnings.

Marketing, advertising and innovation agency founded in 2008 by Juan Mariano Mancebo, Andrés Linares and Hernán Goñi. Diluvia has worked as a developer of video games, sports marketing and PR agency and Social Marketing agency.

With a mission and a clear and distinct vision, Digital Migration Partners is the only professional services company dedicated exclusively to corporate digital migration.

Dowayo works with companies that anticipate the hidden needs of its customers. This innovative consultancy combines design focused on the man with strategic studies to develop services and innovative strategies for its clients.

A Spanish-French start-up that seeks to spread the collaborative consumption over the Internet. It develops this concept from a business perspective, which provides a platform where employees can have the benefits of collaborative consumption to large enterprises.

ESTEO & EEEEEEE is a study of multidisciplinary communication and creative consultancy led by advertising creative José Luis Esteo in association with other talents. An innovative company that is constructed and reconstructed according to each project and client.

Specialized in the language training of IDA quality, in collaboration with the German intermediation company of staff HELMECA, it carries out training projects in German and work integration of professionals who are hired by German companies.

An interior design and ephemeral decoration study, dedicated to create unique environments from a scenic point of view. It also develops audio-visual productions and through the unique design of spaces generates visual communication.

An agency of communication and marketing with extensive experience in the technology market and consumer electronics. Experts in covering the various angles of public relationships and maximizing its media coverage in communication media, its services include PR, creation of content and online communication.

It is a Spanish producer who joined very recently our community, choosing Village as its headquarters in Madrid; they also have headquarters in Santiago de Chile and Santo Domingo.

It is an integral event production company with over 11 years of experience.

‘We provide the events with the most modern audio-visual technologies to carry out cutting-edge ideas. We act, providing support from the technical side to the creative part, always providing valuable and differentiator content.’

They also have audio-visual, lighting, video and sound material. Being their route of business the renting of this material.

Light project is specialized in mapping, being a company of worldwide reference.

Audio-visual Production Company of services that offers complete production services all over Spain.
In addition, through Checkin by Puente Aéreo, develop and grow producing innovative pieces of audio-visual communication.

StickyADS.tv is the largest video ad network in France, and is expanding rapidly across Europe.
Its patented technology helps publishers monetize their video assets on any device/screen (PC, smartphone, Tablet, TV).

The Online Video Studio are experts generating audiences on Youtube and in the optimizing management of brand channels.
They have developed communication strategies of online video for major brands.

A fusion between Interior design, real estate and tourism; where art takes on a leading role. This exclusive boutique develops events in unique locations, from showrooms to shootings. Furthermore, as Real Estate, it manages and profits on an exclusive basis a select Collection of Homes of Author.

Trough communication, it offers a service to wineries and companies of the sector so that they reach their full potential. It also specialises in the training of professionals, being the supplier in Spain of the Wine & Spirit Education Trust.

Trnd is Europe’s largest collaborative marketing community. Since 2005 it works to revolutionize the marketing of big companies and brands.

Company specialized in the integration of content management systems for large web platforms. Customers throughout Europe rely on its services for more than a decade.

This communication agency has spent nearly 20 years building unique visual territories for their clients. Spots, design, social media, events, Off & On communication. All thought and produced in different and brilliant ways, as evidenced by its more than 400 awards and mentions in the best International Festivals.

A dynamic, young and experienced agency, specialized in design, organization and coordination of unique events tailored for individuals and companies. We have developed three main areas of business: Mai Mud Particulares, Mai Mud Empresas and Korplanet.

A planet of events for children. Children’s parties, bilingual summer camps, ski trips, paddle tennis tournaments, weekend trips and much more…

A pleasure having you in V,I,L,L,A,G,E!

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