History of Village

A bit of history of our co-working, so was Village. In 1807 Darwin was about to be born. Napoleon was about to invade Madrid. And also the maps of the Palace were ready, where Village is.

It was the Duchess of Casa Jiménez in the middle of the 19th century, which gave the Palace the touch it has today: its Parisian touch. She planted two horse chestnut trees – like the ones in Tuileries – and built a greenhouse of glass and metal, she also rose an Elizabethan façade. A modern Madame Duchess.

This Palace always has been very modern, because it is of the few which was inherited between daughters and granddaughters, it was one of the first with iron columns and where plants were cultivated by hobby. It had gas – streetlights and two entrances, which are still there.

All very romantic, which was chic and modern in its time. As it is romantic and modern to work in a place of shared co-working with people that talk about the same thing: communication.

And that it is in a Palace also has its touch.

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